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"Steady Fella is the best self-growth newsletter your inbox can receive. Each writing feels like it was tailored to your situation, and its clear content makes each message easy to apply to one's own life. In addition, the author’s earnest and passionate drive for his subject leads to eye-opening conversations and spreading of ideas."

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"This newsletter has changed my life. And I mean that in the most literal way possible; Steady Fella has a way of explaining things that you’re aware of, but aren’t TRULY aware of. If anyone wants to positively impact their life moving forward, I highly recommend you sign up."

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When you join The Steady Fella Newsletter, twice a month you'll learn a lesson on the art of living.

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It moves on to an eye-opening featured quote. Like this one: "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." - Carl Jung

It ends with a timeless passage from a great thinker. Like Charlie Munger's famous commencement speech.

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